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Way 2 Hi Up (Kerser)

[Intro] No way, I'm way too high up Yeah more beat brother [Verse 1] Put it up, eyes red cause I smoke bud You don't even wanna ask whats in the foam cup I'm in my zone man that bass bang a bitches breast I got the weed and its hydro, sticky-icky yes In a big bag, separate from the glad wrap Tablets in the bag, dacked, I'm guaranteed to have that Daily basis, crazy ain't it? Rep my crew lad I start to spit, I ain't say shit and rappers move back This is king shit, why the fuck you question that The time has come I think you bout to learn a lesson bad I'm on the pedestal you are the faggots on your knees I feel invincible you other maggots stopping me [Hook] No way, I'm way too high up Okay, let 'em hang, they ain't like us, So blazed won't say that I lied but Thats the reason why you fuckers couldn't find us [Verse 2] So fucking fresh when I put shit down, Sit down with a sick sound gotta spit now Everytime I write man this shits insane, When I'm sticking blades to your bitches face They ain't never find another one like me, Fast speed then my mind bleed wonder why I like weed Hide the fact that I'm crazy, slightly, Sorry did I mention, that I like light weed? So smooth fresh, clean like so what You so useless, pipe with no rock High you know Scott, Fine just don't stop Hi, yes, you know what? I'm fried and so lost But when it comes to rapping baby Kerser be on top of it Like a molotov they try to burn whats at the top of it But picture where the [?] sit Cause me I'm like the opposite I'm whats inside the bottle bitch, So light up watch the bottle fizz [Hook] [Verse 3] I'm picking it up with the sickest sound, in the district now what I spittin' foul Never see what I do live on the beat, cause I fight for the street and my mind on repeat Got the street shit dacked that gotta fucking grab that Rat slapped pack in the bag that you stashed lad Ripped off, yeah, you got fucked up bad Now my nun chucks crack till your funds are slack Outcome of the situation street life No freezer needed, on the block they like to heat ice Yes I am, heaps nice, Aussie rappings in my hand I drown this shit like fuck you all, you think that I won't sink it man Got a different plan I'm way, way, way in front I might your girl I'm like stay, stay, stay you cunt She had a glit, she nice, she looked at me like no Scott, Within 30 seconds lowies gave me blowjobs [Hook] [Outro] In case you were wondering why you couldn't find us Cause your out there Your lowies are following us Shes smoking my cock like an ice pipe Shes a bad fiend She don't even need to light the rock Got her make up her nails Had a shower You other faggots to, why you following You just watch what I do Hold on to your lowie She following us