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We Run Shit (Kerser)

Back to basics, straight amazing, ask me bout the game I'm playing Dreading what I've done to locks, you thinking bout it, ain't Jamaican Kerser been the sickest probly why I'm earning digits And they looking at your shit like rather burn it cause your bitches Swagger like I've never seen I'm here to hurt and burn a bitch Your shit get no views like Hustle Hard without a Kerser vid (True) Everybody dribble and they kidding ain't it whack son? Leave 'em injured whinging cause they're toy just like a cap gun (Get it?) No you ain't a rapper cause you've been inside a booth before I bust my ass to get here and you try and make a movement more, Meaningful than mine, but thats impossible I'm made for this And you be on my dick, pretty much just like your lady is If I never said it then you faggots can not call it sick, Download your shit illegally, now thats what I call roasting shit Cause its shit, and I'm sick I am what is real, and you is just pretending bitch [Nebs speaking] Its like the more hardcore they get, Its like the shitter they rap Bruz tone it down brah, your not that hard Yo, learn how to rhyme [Verse 2: Nebs] Fuck the antibiotics Just fill the van with narcotics I'm the man with the chronic beats, They slam when I'm on it Haters panties get knotted They can't handle me rockin Whack comments are dropping On the net I am watching, Cause they know I'm is better, thats why Nebs a problem Cause they know if I see 'em, pick up a weapon and clock 'em They looking threatened I rob 'em Give up your credit and wallet Bend over bitch, and take the Hennessy bottle Your not forgetting me gronkers You had bad memories from it That are so fucking bad, you go to therapy from it And he be's honest, no fuck it and he be's on it Watch me come and skull this fucking medicine bottle I'm getting energy from it, and bruz I'm ready to vomit I'm fucking hanging for Xanny's and then I'm ready to pop 'em My fucking head is just throbbin' My dick is red as a rocket And your chicks already naked and she's ready to cop it, uh [Sarm speaking] Yeah, all these cunts are fucking fucked They're all fucked [Verse 3: Sarm] Welcome, you found someone in his fucking prime Ain't nothing to fuck with like, Wu Tang back in '95 Please excuse me guys, the shit I spit is stupid fine Too refined, call me the priest, cause I be super fly That was my movie line, pack your shit its moving time If thats your chick she super fine She sucked my dick around 2:05 Shout outs, 225, ABK, the whole crew's live I'm on that news you high Mess withy my vibe you'll lose at night Yeah I'm the shit, your just poo disguised I do a line thats super sized, You can't rap your spooning guys See its too easy I could do this blind We ain't the same, I'm a 10, your a junior 9 When I spit I'm schooling guys Its a party schoolies time, When you spit I snooze all night Mismatch if you choose to fight Quit dancing your tutu's tight Your a fake, not a new I You just can't do this right We'd fuck, you lose at life [Hook: Nebs] Its Sarm, Kerser and Nebs We run this shit you just shit in your bed Sick in the head, I'm sick of your head If yous were a bitch I'd spit on your set Fuck the whole scene its piss [?] Fuck your whole team its a bitch in a dress I'm sick and depressed that I spit with the best Cause they're shit and they think that they're equally fresh [Verse 5: Kerser] This is what they calling me, you rapping but its awkwardly Exactly what, I was doing back around 04 or 3 So don't you try to step, yo I ain't say I'm a vet Cause most these veterans are faggot I'm a step ahead of them Let 'em get at them, guarantee I'll take the head of them Breaking both their legs and then, asking if they get it in K-E-R-S, I put em in the ER, Nah you couldn't do it, don't you try it, its for me brah [Verse 6: Nebs] Mr. Annie B the mother fucker come and crack your lips Its like you don't have a dick, and your raps are whack as shit Think your fucking Rambo and your clips fucking acting bitch Remind me of a compact disc, pl-pl-pl-plastic shit You are fucking hopeless as, obviously smoking shabs And you're fucking broke as, smoking blokes for cash Mr. Big Gun you think are the kings son But all you are to me is a busted red ring bum [Verse 7: Sarm] Yes, did you not hear what I said before? Like binge thinkers, motherfucker I just repped the raw Get out my booth, you can't rap, you just press record Your vids suck, give it up bruzz, less is more See what your stressing for I ain't here to lecture your, Someone I'm electrical, Not top 10 I'm the best of all Fuck you and your festival, No one heres impressed at all Got a verse in Kerser's album That equals sex for sure