Hey Lover (Noble Keri)

Hey lover I'm so lonely. You ain't touched me for days. Hey lover, I'm so weary. You won't be happy no matter what I say 'cuz I brought you kisses; all of my finest, all the best that I had to give but you threw them a side 'cuz you wanted better and it makes me wonder if I've got what you want me to give. Hey mother I need you to tell me whatever should I do to keep my lover here beside me, oh. I need you to guide me Oh, what should I do 'cuz I've begged him got on my knees made me feel like some kind of fool but I'll do whatever he wants me whatever he needs me to do. Hey father Don't go crazy 'cuz I'm not the baby you think I am. Put your gun down, 'cuz you don't need it. You got to believe me if you think that you can. No, he don't mean to take me for granted, he just needs to understand. Maybe he can find another lady, but I'll be damned if I can find myself another man. Hey lover So tired 'cuz I've been workin' to please you. Hey lover What's your goddamn problem that keeps you up cryin' this whole night through? Is the life that I try to give you is it less than you could give yourself. Do I, do I mean less than your last lover? Well maybe you should just go back to them. No lover No lover I didn't mean it, no Oh oh ohhh