Piece Of My Heart (Noble Keri)

Driving down the highway saying goodbye to it all In between the blues and greens we're following the call That takes us so far away from summer's sunny days You know I'm missing you already and I can still see your face Sitting underneath the stars with a cold beer and old friends Talking 'til the sun comes up and then we'd do it again Well you've become a part of me that I never want to lose Until we come back together you know I'll be missing you I can hear us laughing I remember every part I've got everything we ever did It's tattooed on my heart But there's a colder wind coming in And blowing us apart Until the summer brings us back, You know you got a piece of my heart Watching your taillights fading out of my sight Feeling like the sun just lost a little bit of its light But you've left your memories to linger, new memories to start 'Til the summer brings us back, you know you got a piece of my heart