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The Orbiting Beatnik (Cruise Julee)

Eeeeah ... Now paint a way to think we're the only ones that exist This beautiful planet that races through space and time as we stand still Yet, we're not still There's something out there Something bigger, better, stronger There's something out there, I know we're not alone Yeah ... we're not alone (x5) Look up to the stars, the answers are there But, why do we ask ourselves when will spirits dwell amongst us They're here already I can feel their danse in a starry night A sea of life dwells as their spirits fly Then I know, we're not alone We're not alone Yeah ... we're not alone (in the background) And there's the great wall They all seem to be gravitating towards it It's not some nebula ... it's not ... It's just a mass cluster of stars It's a great wall far far away from every galaxy you can ever imagine It .... there's no end to it And I know there's something out there It's not just us