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Tarzan (Dappy)

It's about time that I went in Hard Fuck the singing for 16 bars I'm going in, but I ain't go to my yard This is written in the hood nowhere near the stars I'm sorry if I ever robbed you in the past From the bottom of the block To the top of the charts I use to save coins Now I'm Swippin cards and I'm in a spaceship, bun driving a car... Fucked White, Brown and Black I've felt knifes bats and straps I got the runs when I swallowed them rats Luckily I got famous and come out the trap Now I'm bringin 4 Mobo's back to my Flat Same place the feds try spin for crack If they ever come back they ain't gonna find jack All they gonna see my face on a plaque See me I only roll with a Bitch that bags Sayin she ain't with me just cause I cracked I'm always on a hype, she knows what I'm like With a bottle she was up a soon as I smashed If you violate you fuck with my ego Never put your hands on my lil lord Gino Cause I will get reckless like my brudda D-Bo Then go and tell the judge fuck you like Cee Loo We all wish we had cribs and porches And it ain't just coke that gets imported Shout to my brudda who just got deported And to his mother who didn't know where the court is I'm spontaneous I don't care fam I said no to the Def Jam chairman You can't blame me they can't change me Matter of fact fuck the sky I got bare FANS So fallow the leader cause yes I did it I shut down twitter in 15 minutes Most men who got famous turn pussy But me I still jam in the ends and bill it You haters your gyal will get banged like Cillit It don't matter how tough your skin is I got a little young star that will leave you all pissed On the floor you won't know who did this And yes I am that boy of the telly and this Shit right here on my neck is a belly Hit double plats before I turned 20 I'm a burn like the guy who sticks in perry So fuck going shopping cause I get free clothes My minimum is 20 bags from a show If you loved pass out then check the front row I hear a lot of gun talk and it ain't no joke Only mixtape I believe is K-Kokes Animal on the mic but I ain't no host I eat rappers alive human beans on toast Turned 20 so I bought me a cartyad Estate agent told me I can't be late When I turned up told her chat to my briefcase And take your shoes off my carpet mayn Back in the school we got judged by the teacher Whos on the panel now... T-T-Tulisa act like a superstar All you want real bad boy's Sell out the O2 arena 25K if you want me on the feature I love singin but ya know I ain't diva Say sattin fucked on your track like nana And save your career like a keeper Yeeeeah... I ain't an MC, I ain't a singer I'm an M- Singer I'm everything I'm fucked Read my book in 10 years Superstar erupt shit I'm legend in the Maaaakiiiiinng... Big up my boy Maze Big up my guy C Shout to my brudda Alph And zee TV D I love you mum I see you Faze I miss you dad remember the daaaays Yeah.