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Spilled Milk Factory (Ugly Casanova)

tease your neck, kiss your spitless mouth if you have another taste. carry my body, drive my rider home if you take another bad bet. mumbled had a rumble and i stumbled down the stairs smellin just like lumber but my baby don't care we went uptown, downtown, everywhere between there was so much spilled milk we could've had a factory. silver poor house, plastic lungs, my bones, if you take another look. gills of wine, slow on five, i know when you're railing on another, baby. sweet basted teenagers lookin all around. i see your babies crawlin all over the ground they go 'goo-goo, gaa-gaa', what the hell's that mean. not even i know where i am, so don't go look for me. things go dark, light, dark, light, day after day. the flies weren't invited but they wouldn't go away. the blanks were filled out filled in but never complete there were so many dreams that there was no time to sleep. not a point to make, dodged a bullet, dredged the lake, i had one bite of wedding cake and i about threw up. i see bridesmaids, bridesmaids hunting for a man one more drink and i think i'll marry him.