Built On Lies (Of Virtue)

We went through hell together, and came back with our feet blistered and calloused. I have forgiven you. You tried so hard. You tried too hard, to make my life a fairy tale, until we stopped pretending. What will it take to put this to an end? There is still a hope that someday, we will look back on all of the mistakes that we made. Even through all of our suffering, I still find solace in knowing, I gave you my best, when I had nothing left. We said goodbye to open fields and blue skies. We walked straight into and endless storm, with tears already in our eyes. We trudged through swamps filled with snakes masked in men's flesh, and they are thirsty for regret, without a true man's heart, without a true man's love. You are not too blame. I am not to blame. Who's to blame? I could not stop you. Even if I tried. I could not save you. Just remember, I'd still die for you. Tooth for a tooth, I'd still die for you. Bridges fallen, bridges built, no bridge at all. Those first ten years, they are all washed away. And who's to blame?