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See Through Their Lies (Crucifix)

I can't forget what seemed like yesterday The memories of war they just won't fade See through their lies The years I was there, it seems so far away Everyone tried to ignore it, saying it'll go away It never went away, no matter how much we pretend The lives that were lost, the wounds will never mend See through their lies The living envying the dead, many will never know It's hard to believe in a cheap thing called hope Slept under mosquito nets, we used kerosene lamps I remember the discomfort, the air was so damp See through their lies At times I couldn't even breathe cos the nights were so hot I remember scratching my arms till they almost bled They kept telling me war never hurt anyone It's all part of life, you got to take it if you want to be strong See through their lies They were only lying to themselves cos the war is still going on And my heart sank for a past that's gone