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Stop Torture (Crucifix)

Savage and barbarous, they continue the practice of torture the police engage in riots, the army gears for war stop the mutilation,stop the torture stop the torture for profit and war corporations use torture to rob and discard the poor they deal in assassinations to keep the cry down to a murmer to fight war in which mutilation is condoned and allowed the system will use any amount of force to uphold its strength and power singling people out for their beliefs, this happens now the outright violation of human rights must be stopped somehow on the basic questions of human rights and human needs they'll quietly close the door you'll see that the freedom we have is not our own take a look at el salvador us government backed butchers in the guise of friendly advisors the friendly neighbor with a bloody trade preparing to declare their next war their use of the media to discredit disclaim and betray to outrage and incite violencee, make sure things remain the same somewhere a captive audience watch a demonstration watch a man disfigured, his body wired for electrocution they sit with their hands clasped waiting in anticipation they sit with their hands clasped waiting in anticipation. stop torture.