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A Sale Of Two Souls (The Tangent)

The sun is hanging low now and the nights are drawing in Everywhere I go are signs of autumn — the air seems thin A new ache in a muscle, a new crack in some bone Another word that just enters the new language on its own... innit? And I fail, every time I lose the trail, every time the paper-chase of this new race Leads me into some darkened place, I flap my hands in effort to keep up A new band on the TV, with, oh-so familiar sound! That echoes things and sentiments I liked before, — first time around And I fail, every time I touch the braille, every time I run my fingers 'cross the words I cannot read, the dots are blurred, there's nothing you can write that I can feel Age! — creeping on me like rampage, carving lines upon my face The fast distorting youth, the sunken eyes, the broken tooth, The shadows of reflections I once knew Old? — Not quite yet there, but I'm told days get shorter as you Mould them to your respective needs, shrinking as your life blood bleeds Into someone else's system, or their veins. HOLD ON!!! for a moment! — the sky's as blue as when I was young! And I've as much right to play there as the young guys Beneath a billion-year-old sun. And I still have my fingers, and they still push the keys 'Cos everyone I know got older... at the same rate as me There are only two of me One's lost in 1973, with faded loons and pom-pom hat, an afghan, C.N.D. and all that Peace and Love and Rock and Roll.