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Follow Your Leaders (The Tangent)

Ten million people who all want to see the same movies, Ten million more who buy the same brand of shampoo, A whole generation just follows its leaders, Wearing the logos and pledging allegiance, To a culture that's spiralling into (and out of) control As its leaders take hold. With Oscars and Nobels we hand out our thanks to the famous With Pulitzers, Grammys we give our plaudits to our peers, Make governments from a few distinct choices, Create new methods to silence our voices, Hand over our own thoughts to systems we cannot control, And it's time to take hold. Billions of people with faith in some power almighty, Billions of others who call the same thing a different name, Then everlasting wars to follow the leaders, To satisfy their whims and the lies that they feed us, On a planet where there's enough wrong, To keep us busy for years.