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Photosynthesis (The Tangent)

The Light falls so softly on the village's roofs Spreads indistinctly over valleys and plains The last grasps of daylight hand onto the trees The branches retracting...becoming one with the night In their secret places the late birds bed down In steeples and pylons their life carries on And in TV-lit windows we all find our home On the great star-lit landscape we see from the air We need no more fear of the dark than the morning For light needs a place it can play Shadows eclipsing the light that remains As ten million hot suns beat down on they prey While one half is blinded the other watches in awe The universe turning on its infinite way Watch as the night sky revolves into daybreak Wait for the first rays of light Think of new lives, think of new days Here as the sunlight goes under Hope our new hopes, dream our new dreams Think of new worlds without number And all we can do is imagine the morning On worlds that we reach in our dreams The sun is still shining where the eagle set down And on the people 'neath the westerly sky But keep our eyes skyward with hope in our hearts For space is not black, and dark's a new day