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Skipping The Distance (The Tangent)

Waiting in the afterglow. An aurora fading quickly in the sky Bearing magnetic north As the distance unfold and time ticks by Nut my heading remains constant, As the Tropics and the latitudes spin round. Not held down by gravity, Surfing radio waves like breakers on the tide, I'm in touch with my A.M. pulse, Long after all the rest of me expires, And I become new modulation As the skip distance grows wilder on every bound Yes it's some life I'm living! A hundred miles up there! Through aerials, on the tired ground It's a modest life here tied down to the Earth But i'm thinking head up in the clouds, Forgetting where I came from in rebirth And I'm scot-free, in the atmosphere, There's no-one who can ever hold me down And it's some life we're living! A hundred miles up there! The pull's already caught us, We're at home in the upper air