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The Full Gamut (The Tangent)

The D599 – Dusk Lying on our backs, On the cooling tarmac of a country road, we watched the stars, We watched them fall. And you made 36, I got as far as 49, before we laughed aloud Raced back to the house again, With no idea at all... ... of our own position in infinity Beware of the promises of songs When you know the road ahead can be so long, As we watched the stars that night We had no more idea of our plight, Than an earthworm beneath the tripod Of the surveyor's theodolite Gothenburg I'm standing on a stage in Sweden in the rain But only see the sunlight from your face It illuminates the faces that smile back from the crowd We create the time, but you create the place And the curtains are closing on this act of the play Tomorrow it seems will be a different kind of day Stay with me a while! — let me live this moment once or twice Freeze Frame! — Magnify! — Do I see trouble in your eyes? Have I just borne witness to the scars that you bear, From my own pursuit of dreams that perhaps we don't share? “Talk to me a while”, I'd plead, knowing all was said and done, And that words alone can't change things, Not when the fighting's already begun, We had a Utopian postcode and a Nirvanan phone, But no-one was calling and we were left alone Lying on our backs, On the cooling tarmac of a country road, we watched the stars, We watched them fall. Lying to ourselves In the quiet slumber of a foreign town We let it slide With no idea at all.... .... of our own position in infinity Oh beware of the promises of songs When the road ahead can be so long For constructed poetic verse, No matter how well-rehearsed Can't fill in all the cavities In the mouth that formed the curse Last Tango Studio Tan There's a kind of comfort in the whirring of a fan, The dimmed studio lights and turning counters. The soundproofing a barrier to the hostile world outside, It can carry on without us But out there it's changing by the instant And I'm in here on my own. I kid myself that you are in here with me, And you're speaking through me now, That everything I do in here's for “US” not just for me but I never could quite explain how The room is empty,, or, the room is full Inspiration comes and goes.... but In the end we became each others tea-break Togetherness was just supposed. And inside I just never could see that But out here it just seems so clear. Not A Drill - A storm in the mountains of Cantal We've had so much of trading insults Oaths and vows are useless, like before Petty thoughts and skeletons in closets Are lying all across our wooden floor And nothing we believe is sacred in our massive quest to hurt. Everything we're good at is in question Everything we've achieved is in the mire And all we have is bile and sick, the ending just can't come too quick All that we've created has to die We rip ourselves apart and fall asleep exhausted by the strain This is not a rehearsal This is not a drill Madness rides tonight, banners flying And it's for real They get stronger, while we get weaker... and no-one cares Southend On Sea I'm standing on a stage in England, blinded by the lights Hard to even know you're there, But inside I know the switches have been thrown in your mind just a question of when and where And all of these years I took for granted, come on back now and whisper in my ears... “I never thought twice..... as blind as three mice” But I never thought I'd be alone The A1 North of Paris It's time to bring the curtain down, Time to say our final words, I can feel it in my bones I can feel it in my water Traffic jams and French landscape flash by Lost in a blur of deja vu Still, I can't keep my fingers off the self destruction buttons And suddenly... it's happening! I'm sliding into the void I built with you My lifetime ahead is slipping away My fingers are clawing but nothing seems any use What we set in gear has meshed at last Question marks hover over our past like barrage balloons that wait over some defended... terrified city But through it all, I Love You still, Yet only find spiteful, hurtful things to say, We take the vow, we make the dive and head for the exit without even knowing the way Four Last Days And the water turns to wine And the wine turns into pills And the pills turn into games But the games are just cheap thrills Beware of the promises of songs When you know the road ahead can be so long, And all my anger cannot move Or even seek to disprove, The need I have inside me, For the love I lost, which can never be removed The D599 and the A61 (Dusk) Lying on our backs A Thousand miles apart At whatever moment With synchronised hearts We'll watch the stars we'll watch them fall And from whatever country it's still the same milky way And I only can dream that maybe some day We'll meet again