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Interlude (TGT)

Hello? Hello? It's poppin' over here, we just waitin' on 'all! We just stopped for some drinks, We're coming! We just watchin' the game, come through! G and Tank still there? G and T they over here, we good Mhhm good You gon' bring your girl with you? Yeah she right here Man, I mean no disrespect But that ass was crazy on her What's her name again? Oh Andrea? Yeah yeah her you got it Hey hold on "Hey she gon' bring her girls with her, You remember that one with the leopard print?" "Yeah that's all me Ty, that's all me" Get your girls come through Just make sure y'all energy right OK OK we coming Hey listen, y'all need to hurry up We got somethin' for you My girl just text me Said she got 3 bad bitches with' her Ooh wee, she got 3? Aight