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Parental Procreation Permit (Lucassen Arjen Anthony)

"The WE Earth program holds 2 billion of the human species. Not counting illegal slaves or temporary aliens. The poor and sick will be just written off. Human population is to be reduced to much safer level. A 7-step evolution program has been implemented. Four steps down, three to go..." Our world was choking, no air to breathe Our numbers were growing at alarming speed Millions were starving, dying of thirst So the system started controlling birth The heat was searing, the rivers dry Stars disappearing in a toxic sky Mass unemployment, substance abuse Could be avoided, or at least reduced If you want to create a life You've got to be qualified Now you need to earn it If you want to propagate First prove you can educate Parental Procreation Permit No more war and destruction No more climate disruption No more crime and pollution Now we've got the solution Parental Procreation Permit The streets were jammed, The roads were blocked The prisons crammed, the borders locked Eco-degradation, pollution and disease Crippled our nation, posioned our seas Are you sure you can raise a kid? Have you got what it takes? Are you sure you can pay for it? There's no room for mistakes! Are you sure, can you take the risk? Protect and keep it safe? Are you sure, I am not convinced! Parental Procreation Permit!