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So Is There No God? (Lucassen Arjen Anthony)

"Scientists have succeeded in creating organic life, which has raised some serious theological issues. Additionally, the rise of super-intelligent, "godlike" machines makes the existence of a sentient entity -- capable of creating a universe -- quite plausible..." "There is no god" I heard them say No hell or heaven, no need to pray So is there no God? There is no plan No grande design A great enigma, but not divine So is there no plan? Is there no God? Could it be life is a dream? My private fantasy, created just by me Or could it be some scheme? A giant master plan, that spiraled out of hand There is no truth We don't understand This dance of nature, this game of chance Is there no truth? Is there no God? Could it be we are all alone A tiny blip in space, an isolated case So much is still unknown The more that we reveal, the more it seems unreal Is it a mere contingency? A turn of the cards, a roll of the dice Designed by destiny? A lie within the truth, a truth within the lie.