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The Social Recluse (Lucassen Arjen Anthony)

Using brain-computer interface technology, people in the New Real can connect with each other within their own private virutal worlds. I might just stay at home again Hanging out with virtual friends Let's meet up in 3D space Waste some time playing pointless games (you are on your own) We don't have to talk anymore (but never quite alone) This idle's such a bore (feeling right at home) Don't even need to know your name (your own comfort zone) I won't remember it anyway... Coz in this virtual realm of my imagination I make friends without obligations I live like a social recluse In the comfort of my own mind I thrive on isolation but you're welcome to my simulation call me a social recluse but i never felt more alive We're all connected in this virtual life there are no boundaries once inside no need to travel or see anyone No need to touch or feel anything (you are on your own) i never liked to socialize (but never quite alone) It's not my nature to compromise (feeling right at home) if I don't trust you, i turn you off (your own comfort zone) and pull the plug once I had enough I'm living a life without complications Avoiding all close relations I'm glad I'm a social recluse All I want, I've got here inside I hook up to this new application Tap into the latest sensation call me a social recluse but this is all I need in my life.