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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Where Pigs Fly (Lucassen Arjen Anthony)

"Okay, so.. we brainiacs finally figured out that we live in multiple universes. Pff…a billion stars afar, but… really, what quantum mindfuck is that? Are you ready? Knock yourself out. Freaky…" Darwin defended creation Einstein travelled in time Columbus discovered India And Shakespeare couldn’t rhyme O.J. pleaded guilty Manson made parole Reagan won five Oscars And Meryl none at all Elvis was a vegan Dylan never got stoned Alice was known as Vincent And Bowie was just Jones Michael looked like Michael Keith drank only juice Madonna was a virgin And Jimi played the flute Bond’s drink was stirred not shaken Darth Vader had no son Dorothy was still in Kansas And Clint didn’t own a gun Rocky had no sequels Arnold never came back ET dialed the wrong number And Dolly had no rack.