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You Have Entered the Reality Zone (Lucassen Arjen Anthony)

While virtual reality permeates the New Real culture, many are still drawn to experiences in physical reality. So a large island was restored to its natural state, and populated with several extinct species brought back to life. But can people still cope without the comforts of modern technology at their beck and call? Welcome to Sanctuary Island Leave your possessions at the gate Rejoin the struggle for survival A new life begins today No machines, no computers No TV, not even phones No factories, industrial polluters You have entered the reality zone Out here on Sanctuary Island You're but a shackle in the chain You play your part in nature's cycle This is the Old Real, not a game Awoken by the silence Hiding from the cold Warming by the fire Captivated by its glow Mastodons on the horizon Pandas curl up in the trees The mighty roar of the tiger Dolphins circle through the seas