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Murder On My Mind (Husalah)

Dippin, mind on my riches 36 shots in my clip and this shit rippin Listen, you can hear death reppin Riddin in his 72 caprice with his weapon And his name is husalah Manifested bringing death to suckas Classic, the words of a psycho Hand on my rifle, tucked by the lightpole Itching to take blood Waiting to take life from haters with slanderous tongues I like fights but it's fun to handle a gun Niggas been rich, been on the run, been on one My satanic cannon is tragic Everytime I grab it brraaap and it's tragic Young smiling riding in my drop Over a hundred thow wow shuttin down parking lots nigga They didn't believe me When I told them I was crazy, crazy Ridin in my hundred thousand dollar car Mind on my murder All I think about is murder lately, lately You wanna get fly like a gangsta Push pies like a gangsta But u scared to die like a gangsta And when it's really going down You niggas ain't around Mac 9 11 that go 60 rounds Know I can spit like wrap it round or slow it down Pop em off with that slow flow that I'll show I pull up on fo's up in the ols boat Bitches on my dick but all I give a shit about is coke I'm in the mothafucking kitchen whippin Doin things with this heroin that's not to mention Cross country shippin, money is flippin Loadin up these clips for these niggas that's snitching Bitch, my shit rip like a chimney that don't fit I told ya'll niggas that's it's husalah Ridin in my shit tryna murder motha fuckas Ridin round town tryna murder motha fuckas Murder isn't easy But when you do it once, you can do it a million times Take a million lives Sellin dope is easy But when you get caught, ask yourself can you do your time Or snitch and die, this is why I don't sleep Keep a long thing that's at least 3 feet People die everyday cause they instinct weak When you do fail to think then you're playing for defeat This is real life And the things people do is real trife More often than not the results is your life I'm on my way to the federal correctional Climb in my SL 5 every late night Thinkin how my life is miraculous Ex kingpin getting rich from this rap shit In 94 sold my soul for that crack shit In 99 found out that was black shit Graduated to bricks wrote a plan and a tactic Got rich, but the end was a classic Young dope dealer duckin feds in the traffic Young dope dealer duckin feds in the traffic Got convicted so now I can rap it Most of these rappers never did it so they actin They was never even seen on the set All of they time was gangbanging on the internet But the SL 500 is real The 2.76's will take of yo grill By the time this comes out I'm a be locked up But the mob still got shit blocked up You gonna get tired of hiding, try to come outside That's the night your bitch ass gonna get popped up Now you belive me cause you realize that you're scared to die From a homicide, homicide I'm ridin in a hundred thousand dollar car Going crazy All I think about is murder lately, lately