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So Ill So Dope (Husalah)

Husalah so ill, Husalah so dope Nigga fuck a wife all my life I sold dope The projects baby Twenty-four stackin' dough pushin' coke ya-ye Come on baby, ride wid the Husalah Young cool game from the L-O be crazy Ya shit head hoe we gon' get bread tho And swang all day Hustlers call me Hus hoes call me Husalah-a No Iceberg or Coogi, we fresh in the Guess Me and Mack came through sportin' Troops while we scoop In a suit that'll make ya sweat, I'm stupid def Jammin' on the west slammin' bullets in ya chest We black wave niggas slam dancin' in the 'jects I count my coke profits when I think about sex girl I know ya coochie wet but I just wanna get sucked yo We burnin' rubber right now, cause we out Girl ya somethin' tight, ya wish I had one But ya gotta sell more coke so you can have one We out, have fun All I wanna do, is hustle wid my crew We can get this paper baby We can live life lovely Ah, ah-ahhh, Husalah-ahhh We can make it lovely I probably slide through without a necklace I probably slide through without nothin' on my wrist I'm a fresh kid I don't need none of that stuff Cause I'm dope, I'm so dope Explain it the best way I'm pure stupid silly Hundred percent the kind that'll pop you wid the fully Hundred percent the kind every queen love Husalah Pullin' twenty-fours everyday Hustler hog and playa P is what a nigga gotta be Or get the fuck from round me, heh Tell 'em again me hafta, tell 'em again I'm Husalah Husalah, heh I'm fresh, I'm so fresh She wanna be my girlfriend but I don't wanna kiss I rather burn rubber in my shit and swing eights That a boy it's roller boys we gon' be silly out the gate Cause I'm so ill... cause I'm so dope What is life to you?, they gonna take ya life from you You should say your prayers man Cause life for you ain't lovely Ah, ah-ahhh, bullets flyyyy But I'ma still live lovely I cried one time I cried one time Slug ripped and my cousin died But not no more, tears from Hus cause my heart stone cold I Got years to be rich I'm, young and pretty Come on baby ya gotta give it to me Look at me huh what the hell you mean No chokin' no drinkin' just stackin' dumb cheese I'm like, Mohammed Ali and I'm six three And I box and knock suckas out swiftly We stuck in this place And all we ever could do is hustle in this place But never go nowhere, stack a couple of G's Flip lows get towed get sucked by the hoes Buy clothes and dope kicks My nigga died young And all he ever could do was rep where he was from His least breath was the one that blew the breeze through the hood The money never stop nigga it's thousands in the 'jects Nigga it's G's in the hood I think I like the rain Cause everytime the tears drop the rain'll wash it away My heart is numb to pain I can't explain how I feel Imagine seein' life the way it really is for real It's different what you see All I wanna do, is hustle wid my crew We can get this paper baby We can live life lovely Ah, ah-ahhh, Husalah-ahhh We can make it lovely