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Talk It Out (Husalah)

Yo I make music for killas that make music Show dem how to come I'll the art of the crack deal Is what I mastered in my young days of huslin mane Fucking bitches, stomping snitches, plotting riches Burning rubber, cooking work That was like Mob Figaz's drop I was in the 10th grade, dat was nice Not quite enough for me to stop mixing white So I kept moving, young Felix kept moving Next thing u know I was 17 holding units hella cream stacking stupid Hella bitches, oral sex dummy dickless Never fuck em jus get suck take them from they niggas On the tuck outta state baby dumping chickens Feel the bombshell drop of my life, dang she got murdered This is not the life man, I'm just a young nigga man No need to talk it out (8x) If ya life was like mine and u was slightly out ya mine Kept a cannon every time on the spot, dumb grind With so many 24's the classmates can't see you I'm sliced at the ball game classmates can't beat me Waist my whole young life, with the dopefeind people That crowned u king cus u had mix and u kept it lit Ain't seen the sun in weeks, I'm on my way home Moms on they way to work, bitches on they way to school Laughing at ya boy cus my outfit is filthy I'm stacking Sooner or later the same bitches will feel me what's happenin? Swangin 8's at lunch time zap go slapping Young nigga stacking sucka butts I'm clapping Run towards the magnum, naw nigga choppas Helicopters of life fly them just to revive them So he can think he that I'll and get killed Tryna touch a real deal schytso bout his scrill Crips won't make me feel bigga than life Yoking in the mob shot living the life I wish my nigga Dose a Dose survive them shots So he can be back with his cut me lil huggin the block We miss you This verse is for the current time the bottom line is I had to pay for all them years I was shinning 2003 they caught ya'll boy grinding federal case that's outta state 13th case Bestfriend turned snitch told the whole shit Had me on one, on the run ranging low I was tucked in the Rich and docked in the O I can't forget about my Hunter's Point era I was running from the feds in the hottest blcok in America man That's how I know I'm I'll my cousin Ray is real I love how ya kept ya cousin safe everyday I think about the future My lil seed and Lil Ray Young L, Big Rome I'm in the zone 15 months it's nothing, I'll be right back A real nigga stand silent, crawl in the traps The only pain still in my heart is for my nigga Freako One love to my brother Mike fighting the murder beef, nigga