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Through The Night (Husalah)

I ain't never been under a nigga always been my own man In my own dope spot wid my own coke My own tree my own tech wid breathin' holes Cash out my O.G. nig I need three of those And when I come back I'm a need seven baby Coke white posse slide mobile reppin' crazy Tappin' my gas cause my life consist of this Cars and dope big rifles wid pistol grips Forty stocks wid mo' shots than Koby B We kinda cool but you don't really know me B I been movin' on the late night on my own Wid the angels and the demons flyin' round my dome It's a destructive environment, but this is home People say the only retirement is wid two to the dome And it's a sad sight, but we don't feel this pain Cause last month we seen him do a nigga the same Lord just let me make it through the night I'm pacin' this block wid lots of shit stuffed in my sock I'm watchin' the cars with the lights on top The four door vans wid tinted windows on my block There's hot ones in my crib pants sweatin' on my grip Residue on my palms I'm bustin' down a whole zip And when it's time to rock the semi-auto gon' kick And if they don't live I think they shoulda asked you this They shoulda asked you this There's pain on my heart I'm insane in my brain Last night I pulled a line I had to refrain from sniffin' caine Now I'm smokin' bomb, wid the hop in it Young nigga on the spot dumb block livin' Slappin' bitches, jackin' suckas Ridin' thick blocks up the block hustlin' Late night on my block, it's all black The demons and the dope fiends pace just to buy the crack And I'm a serve 'em hand to hand Even if I got ten kicks in my van I'm still on the block The young nigga doin' it the young nigga movin' it Niggas on my block ain't smooth we like fluid So when you come through nigga ya better do it Cause niggas gon' do it, run right through it At ya motherfuckin' chest if you not vested The four-five leave ya chest molested, niggas ain't protected Cause out here it's all bad Seen a nigga get his brains cooked man it was sad The nigga was still in his teens, the nigga still had dreams Another young nigga lose his life tryna serve fiends Yo Lord just let 'em make it through the night Fuck dat! Niggas gon' die nigga Straight the fuck up nigga, yeh Know wha I'm sayin'?, feel me? Yo, yo Yo the song was over but I was forced to come back Like some cooked coke in a Pyrex bring it back Bring it back let the Husalah rap Cause if he don't rap you know a nigga gon' jack And if he don't jack you know the nigga sellin' crack And when I sell crack I regulate by leavin' niggas dome flat Wid the flip-flop Mac, nigga comin' through thirty shots nigga beat that That little small pea shooter ya holdin' Ain't fuckin' wid this motherfuckin' chop I'm rollin' wid I'm in this motherfuckin' Chevy Caprice Top down coke white wid rims older than me Cause that's the life I live nigga the life I received The life I was born with the blood that I bleed Consist of the gangsta shit, mobsta shit, gangsta shit Slap the shit out a punk bitch Slap the shit out a nigga tryna move bricks On my neighborhood niggas can't serve nigs Matter fact, a nigga can't do shit Nigga try to do shit get his fuckin' face split Now this is real life, real shit Understand nigga this is animal I'm sick My brain is gone I'm insane I'm up the block doin' the same thing nigga when servin' caine At thirteen servin' fiends, fourteen servin' fiends Fifteen movin' cream, seventeen hoop dreams Got defeated, cause niggas had a hundred Gs in the safe nigga and I need it So when I see these niggas I'm gon' heat it, up Like a oven it's snuff then I'm hustlin' Niggas brains is puffin', like a broke down Cadillac When I put the Mac to the side of his face Nigga taddle that