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Curiosity (The Jets)

Curiosity, I've got to know Is she just a play thing? Curiosity, I want to know Baby can I pull your string? At every dance, she is on your arm You even let her drive your car She wears your ring, you treat her oh so fine But you're telling me that I'm the one that's on your mind When she took a walk to the ladies room You didn't hesitate to run to me I don't want to be caught in the middle of you But your charm keeps gettin the best of me Curiosity Curiosity When you get home out of the socialite You call me with the same excuse I get upet, but you talk so smooth Got me running round in circles feeling so confused One thing that I've learned is to be careful what you're wishing for Cause what you receive isn't always what you need But you are the star in all my dreams Baby, I don't want to be just a play thing Baby, I've got to have it all