Dregs Of Society (Eternal Reign)

They gather together - watch out! The troops of hate - take care - don't be late Spreading out their ugly body of thought Anger's their religion - fight's their destiny I can't believe this stupid ideology It's so strange, as if their minds are deranged Their minds are so deranged You don't make sense to me - can't you see You never heard about equality - yeah yeah You're no better than your enemy No such thing called a superior race Nothing special 'bout the colour of your face You gotta give your brother some space We're all a part of the human race Dregs of society... you don't make sense to me History thaught 'em nothing Raging violence against minorities Thought that was left behind in the last century Upcoming evil - the snakes around We have to grind them into the ground Don't close your eyes - we have to face the truth [Solo] [Chorus:] Dregs of society, don't make no sense to me Dregs of society, never heard about equality Dregs of society, hate what they just can't be Dregs of society, no better than your enemy Hey, listen close... you're no better, than your enemy