Into My Own Hands (Eternal Reign)

A darkened room, prayers go out like silent cries I'm asking for truth, all that's offered are lies Demons haunting my soul, laughing at me I'm down in a hole, it's no desperate dream, Can't break this spell, can't find the key Screaming in the dark, sighing in the night I'm begging for redemption What life's all about People all around me they keep on telling You gotta crawl before you walk You gotta cry before you talk The wheels of time keep on rollin' No magic mirror will erase The lines of life carved deep in my face I opened the door step out in the drivin' rain Hear footsteps close behind me Into darkness I try to carry on All of a sudden somebody called out my name I'm crying out for angels The ones that strucked me down Left me lying in the rain Left me alone in pain I'm swimmin' 'gainst the tide Life's river gonna drown me Gotta sail on stormy waters 'til my soul will find it's peace My tortured soul in endless time I'm ready to take a chance At the crossroad I'll make my stand Life's in my own hands I'm crying out for angels... Take my chance - take this life - make my stand