Wasted Time (Eternal Reign)

I remember the night a strange dream Came into my mind I see an old man... too weak to rise... He is catching his breath And his eyes they fade to grey... All his years have gone away Time passes by within his mind Just like a movie on a screen Soon will fall the final curtain, Tears are runnin' down his face Did he take all his chances, Or give them careless away? Did he cross all the fences, Or savely stay on one side? He gotta meet this challenge... He has to pass this test! Just take your heart in your hand And put your head up in the clouds! Hear the tickin' of the clock, It's telling tales of wasted time! We all got our crosses to bear, But they won't drag us down! Just stand up and turn the page, Make up your mind Don't waste your time! Sometimes the walls are closing in And shadows dance before my eyes It ain't easy to face my fears, I hope my will is strong enough! I wanna take all my chances, Don't want to give them away I gotta meet this challenge... I have to pass the test I remember the night A strange dream came into my mind