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Dance In Your Freedom (Unhindered)

See the dawn of a new day  Sweeping across the world  Hear the sound of a movement  Every heart be open  Every heart be open  He's the father to the orphan  Healer of the broken  Desire of the nations  Rising, rising, rising up  Chorus: Let heaven shout  The earth resound  With the songs of your kingdom  Let love arise  Your glory shine, as we dance in your freedom He died for our freedom  Oh the grave could not hold him Our sins are forgiven  Every head be lifted  He's Jesus the messiah  Savior the lamb of God  Rising, rising, rising up Chorus  He's pouring out his spirit On his sons and his daughters He's calling to his children  Walk in love and power He's declaring a revival from Oceans to distant shores  Hear all of creation,   Rising, rising, rising up Chorus