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I Am Not The Same (Unhindered)

You restore the wasted the years  You build the broken walls Your love replaces fear Oh, your mercy makes us whole Adopted, healed, and lifted  Chorus:   I am not the same I'm a new creation I am not the same anymore I am not ashamed, I will not be shaken I am not the same anymore, anymore (I'm not the same, I'm not the same Lord) I bow before your cross this broken life made new So amazed at all you are, Lord And who I am in you Adopted, healed, and lifted Forgiven, found, and rescued Chorus  You have overcome it is finished it is done  Now my heart is finally free  Every chain undone by the power of the son  Risen savior, reigning king,   (Forevermore, forevermore, oh you reign forevermore, oh) Chorus  Every chain undone by the power of the son, I am notice same anymore (2x )