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Crucify (A New Revolution)

Once again, there’s my friend, Staring right back at me! I look into the glass, in his eyes. Once again, there’s my friend Be caught in a dream, Nothing in my face when I cry. It makes me sick, sick, sick! It makes me sick, sick, sick! There are moments and you make me tell, They'll suffocate the world around, They'll crucify everything, Just cause you’re empty like me! Makes no sense, when you scream, It’s a cowardly way to win, Before you show me who you are! Makes no sense what you do, But I feel so guilty Take the razor blade and make a scar! Find More lyrics at It makes no sense to me at all, But you carry on your way! and you bend me till I break It makes no sense to me at all, Keep looking through this glass, And see that your only friend is me. You crucify everything, You’re just too empty like me! You, let me tell, let me tell! You, suffocate, suffocate! You, crucify, crucify! Just cause you’re empty! Just cause you’re empty! Like me!