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Why do i do? (Tyler James)

(no, no) (yeah, yeah) Everytime I rise and fall When I thought I'd seen it all But my back's threw up against the wall At first it was good to go Then you turned around and said no no And as I'm walking out the door She said, did you learn your lesson well Don't you go kiss and tell Is it heaven or is it hell? Say it ain't true (ooooooh, ooooooh) I'm just a sucker for you [Chorus] Why do I do I get on the same old ride? Why do I do the things that I know ain't right? Why do I do I trip on the same old lines? Why do I do that to myself, oh why? Here I go down this road again Like a fool I keep jumping in Must be lovin' this punishment But that days gonna come around She'll be calling my name out loud But the tables gonna turn her down And I'll say, did you learn your lesson well? Did you feel the pain I felt? There ain't no hope in hell Say it ain't so But I'm helplessly, hopelessly, wrong [Chorus] Back to front and front to back The way she got me crawling round, round her finger, around her finger Side to side and up to down, the way she got me spinnin round, falling down But I need her, need her, breath her (yeah) Who is to blame... who is to blame? I gave her all I had I know that's bad But there ain't no turning back [Chorus x3]