Sun Of Hope (Funeral Mist)

Panic, hysteria, infernally raging chaos Salvation through destruction Cold black sun of hope Darkness Your star lies cold Blindness Blood and ash, be my crystal Helpless Massdeath pole to pole Imprecation of this predicted curse Blessed be man, global crem/salv -ation Genesis, genesis, dawn of dawns Genesis, genesis, dagger of flames The altar must never turn cold Flesh to cinders, womb of ashes Come fire, come and close the circle, Holy inferno, dawn of dawns Sun of death And the lord hung the rainbow as a sign, It won't be water bur fire THIS time Harmagedon, the thousand face revealed Cold black sun of hope Darkness Blindness Helpless Famine and plague be my steps To join my spells in this final war Suicide, warfare be my tongue Come fire, devour through me Sun of death Angel, angel... impeccant God of clean Purify these fields shane Purify, purify Purity comes when death is all