Rosewood Bitters (Stanley Michael)

Too long on the road, my friend Too long between rides Too long between homes again Too long without someone by my side And Lord, there's something 'bout a sad song that helps to ease the pain... Here I am, Lord, just singing up a storm and I'm all alone again... Too much going down today just can't take it in Too much running 'round today can't tell you where I've been Seems that just like singing in the only thing to do only thing to help me pass the time Songs are just like ladies--can't forget them when you're through and they're always on your mind... (CHORUS:) And the rosewood bitters Help me meet the sunshine in the morning And the rosewood bitters Help me through the night When I feel blue Too few stop to pass the time Guess that's how it goes So sure that there's much more than this when really no one knows And easing into midnight as the bitters pass around crying in my beer Singing someone else's troubles help to ease your own Goodnight, Irene, my dear... (CHORUS)