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Club Stuntin' (The Pack)

me first letter m.o.n.t.e but u better me uno when u see me in the streetz a cute little face wit a coke bottle shake role that ass like a blunt git me high call'em grapes a chick did a backflip call if gymnastics they said I had a nice game like my name john madden like jeff gordon race'n 24 bullets and the bitches call me baby like I'm runnin cash money my tube kinda long I wrap it up with magnums the picky type dude gotta be a gold wrapper.. then I got grills the pack gurls lift'n up skirts for the 100 yd dash slow it down take a breath fresh hair I love that smell free game no nikes so u know its wolfpack put the mike in my hand and see a girl shake crack we in the club we club stuntin..hey we club stuntin..we the club we club stuntin..hey we club stuntin [REPEAT] I'm back baby the pack go crazy trackz on the tracks and I'm gettin all the ladies.. she asked questions why u so tight she told me that my grill look like a bright light... I took her to the club so she can the bright team get hyphy a lot of club fights ok.. so nice so muck sike and we flyer than a kite in them vans that u like... I'm so fly..I'm so high..wat u aint heard yea stunn that guy..that guy... yea homie I'm popular and now u know why yo hoe jockin us at the party I sip I sip I be ripped like sick hoes down with the klick the pack based boys yea that's my klick sagger though the street and I bang my strip we in the club we club stuntin..hey we club stuntin..we in the club we club stuntin...hey we club stuntin [REPEAT] bend and dip yea shake that shit back in up make L wanna break that shit yea.. and I bang the pack go bopperz on deck with the rippers in the back... I said gimme all ur track..yea hoes stack cash to the max.. why yo chick won't stop eye'n let ya boy hit a nigga and aint even try'n she came over ask me a question next thing u know we was talk'n bout sex'n..yea its the pack based boys..van wit a backpack.. starboyz jeans..wit a looney toon hoodie inside out niggaz know what I'm bout... next level frazier frame she's a runner she aint my main we in the club we club stuntin..hey we club stuntin...we in the club we club stuntin hey we club stuntin [REPEAT] walk in the club yea fresh to the SS.. girls say I'm raw and I give them all the best sex ganggadagangthang all up in the pack man pack man I done seen dots like pac man ride in the scrapethang black with the black tint.. air it out air it out girls get SS..rush we I stab it rush when they grab it got a long point leave ya throat all raspy.. gotta just catch me right but I'm lefty gotta light skin look sweet like nestle.. all my niggaz deep but the heat don't test me.. all nightz got a long sock like gretzy been the fuccin truth why the niggaz don't test me all up in the party goin dumb lookin sexy... YES!..all my niggaz go crazy and I been in the club goin 1880 we in the club we club stuntin..hey we club stuntin..we in the club we club stuntin hey we club stuntin [REPEAT]