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Fly (The Pack)

Can't nobody tell me shit I'm flyer than a bitch Man I'm flyer than my bitch So you can say I'm cocky I'm confident But don't let a nigga tell you You ain't the shit (haha) See see yous a got damn lie Some nigga tellin me I anit that fly Get a lint brush take ya clothes to the cleaners Get a couple bucks get the vans the cleanest Yeah $35.99 but to tell the truth You don't need a dime to shine Cus the real shine comes from wats inside insecurities and egos put that aside Maybe you could realy find you a friend who ride And you feel so fly that you might can glide The morals of the world which you must abide Ss to the death for the pack I ride like Fly, don't let nobody tell you you ain't fly You go keep yo head up in the sky Dreams are the things that never die Why why am I so fly [Lil B:] Cleaner than west baby fly as my sweater Don't let nobody tell you different Yeah wat ever, I think different Anit scared to be different I dress different than you I got differnt visions And lite the same shit yeah it's differnt pimpin Don't be scared like wateva it's wateva You don't like me I don't care I anit stressin Prolly need me like salad with the dressin Haters they mad like that's their profession Put my work in I can talk about my blessins Thank god I stay fly like the jetsons Thank god I saty fly like the jetsons Retro pimpin ya boy 87 Bounced back twice with the help of a revrene Keep these fuckin niggas guessin yeah [Lil Uno:] Have you ever heared of fly young pimpin Look in webster I'm the definition Fly guy fly whip always in a fly whip That get a fly bitch always givin me tips It's a cold world so I'm a ice box And the wolfpack how you like that Sippin belvy diamonds for the ice yes Hit the sun lite drippin like a foset I'm a idle something like a trensay Gun on the hip get buff like a bench press You don't want it with the kid I'm a quick draw Draw put you on my word call it clip art Got a girlfriend nickname cool whip Why? cus she rides like a new whip Smoove cool and it look good I see that yeah gimme that [Stunna:] Who eva would of thought I'd be stuntin likd this Who eva would of thought I'd be snatchin yo chick Stunna man say the boy move sick I ride big whips and I stack big chips Stay away from the fakes cus the haters anit shit Stay high yea I be so fly Purple in my blunt boy I be so high You see the strecth hummer yea that's up all night I remeber when I used to dream look at the sky Now I sit in 1st sit and look down from the sky Dayum now that's a transition Shout out to my homie shorty help me with pimp And don't be scared if your different Cus really if you think Them the only ones gifted 2800 you ain't noe I bag krack st. Gotta rep the hood that's where diri be the ac