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In Reverse (The War on Drugs)

You've been out on the street Talkin' bout the war with me And the background is at night Don't want to hesitate Will they tell me where you're hiding? But through the haze there's no one there. Wondering if you care. Callin' out your name in the darkness When I'm done with my time here I'm going to keep staying strong Through the railways But I never mind going And I realize now that the road is bare And I hear it all through the grand parade And I don't mind you disappearing 'Cause I know you can be found We be liven' on the dark side of the street, damn. When we livin' in the moment And losing our grasp Making it last with the grand parade in our past Sometimes I wait for the cold wind to blow As I struggle with myself right now as I let the darkness in But I don't mind chasing you through the back ways for the keys It evaporates and fades like a grand parade And I don't mind you disappearing When I know you can be found When you livin' on the dark side of the street, damn? We just livin' in the moment, making our past, losin' our grasp through the grand parade I'll be here or I'll fade away Never cared about moving, never cared about now Not the notes I'm playing Is there room in the dark, in between the changes? Like a light that's drifting, in reverse I'm moving.