Under The Pressure (The War on Drugs)

With a comb down here, it's easy But do you rather have a good day? But a dream like this gets wasted That you'll, bend under pressure Still you'll, bend over pressure I really love it, oh, you love it Not gonna loose you, when it all breaks down And the runaways standing in the wind and pray And they stare straight into nothing, But we're all kinda the same. You all raise On a promise, found out over time Bet it will come around, get a new way Or watches how it all breaks down here Under the pressure Never break out there The storm and the wind will go However you count down there Stay, keep holding on! In a cold wind, all arrested Now, you know how it feels This is really, warden in my back Goose all in my gut, this is real Standing in the water, just trying not to crack Under pressure