Cell Phone (Wooten Victor)

Well I just got paid, it's Friday night Feeling real good weekend in sight Got a new phone, a new belt clip Attached to my hip even got the chip Now everyone can get touch with me I got seven hundred minutes and weekends free They even threw in an extra battery So I can keep in touch with my family Now everybody's is all in my mix I had to go and learn all the cell phone tricks When someone tries to talk to me I just act like I'm talking on the phone you see My signals weak, my battery's dead It must be true, that's what I said But if I ever get stranded I'm never alone What would I do without my cell phone? You gave me your number and I said I'd call You said, wuz cool, no the type to bawl You said you only used it for important calls But you didn't pick up and I know you saw My name, my number pop up on your screen But you didn't pick up, yo, what that mean? It don't mean nuthin', it ain't like that Girl, you know I was gonna call you back Aw man, stop playin', I heart what your sayin' And I ain't trying to heat that jive I bet you got girls calling from around the world Boy, and you know that's faul Hello! Can you hear me now? I know you can hear me, can you hear me now? Don't play me like that, can you hear me now? What would I do without my cell phone? Alright, let's see if I can dial this number and check my messages You have fifteen new voice messages fifteen messages I just got this phone, hey Vic, this is Kashif, what? Forget that Mr. Wooten, this is Mr. Able with S&L Collection, collection? Victor, where have you been? I've been waiting for you to call me back Yeah, Jimmy, now I got these hogs out here need 'tend to Jimmy? Who is that? Gotta go gotta go Ear piece, rough foam cheesy ring tones Is it convenient or is it lost freedom? The worst yet GPS mess, text message meet for Tex Mex Nuclear soul studies have shown sixty nine cent if roam at home Front screen cracked the phone's his dome Call restricted ignore the phone *82 don't get me heated Count ,I need Vic's number, the life that's led is the path that's paved Message from my kids equals, first day flip phone second concaved New car charger pleather, leather case You ever in your life spent time on the road Tell me Vic What would I do without my cell phone? See there it goes again I'm way up in the sticks Trying to get to Vic's for six She's starting to get sick another dropped call This bad reception leaves the wrong impression The phone rings again guess who? No guess again Can you hear me now? No? Then send a text Cruisin' down the highway I wonder where the exit is Before I get off, I send check the messages Yo pick up the phone, you know who this is And don't be trying to give me none of that Can you hear me now? What would I do without my cell phone? And ye, tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of cell I will fear no dial tone for thou art with me Thy voice mail and thy call waiting, they comfort me