Think About That (Wooten Victor)

Yeah, I mean, I know. It's a scary thought though. Well not really scary but sometimes Something that's mind opening can appear scary. I don't know, I just think we should all just sit down and think, even if we just think just A little bit, um, the answers will probably all show up. (Where would u lead them? Think about that. If the whole world decided to follow U.) Yeah, absolutely. But before we can think about leading anybody, I think we should think about where we're leading ourselves. (Think about that.) No, I know what u mean. It's not a job I would want, trying to lead anybody. I mean, I have trouble leading myself. (Where would u lead them?) But if I had to lead anybody anywhere I think I would, I'd probably just try to lead them back to themselves. Yeah, because, the self is not a place that u can lead anyone. Everybody would have to find their own way, and then the leading job would be over for me. I like that. Yeah, but when we're first born, u know, we're our own person but soon after, u know, when we start to learn and we learn from our parents and we start to go to school, we really, quickly start to get away from ourselves. I mean, u can't really go through any structured teaching, uh, learning establishment with your own ideas. U know, u're always taught to fit in. But what are we fitting into? U know, don't color outside the lines. Who drew the lines in the first place. I don't know (Think about that!) Right. That makes sense. Yeah, but I've spent my whole life trying to be in control of myself. But I dislike any one or any situation that tries to control me. So, check this out. My trying to control myself just causes me to dislike myself. I'm finally understanding it. I should just let me be. That's what I ask everybody else to do. Right, yeah exactly, yeah, the act of trying to control something usually means that there's something wrong with it, and so that means we have to control it obviously. To control something usually means taking its freedom away. So why would I spend a life fighting for freedom, just so I can take it away. Um, In the name of control. (If the whole world decided today, to follow u. where would u lead them? Think about that) Vibrations? Yeah, it's actually pretty simple. The thing is nothing ever stops vibrating. Scientists know that, I mean they'll tell u that everything is a vibration. Right, yeah. I mean, things vibrate faster they may appear as light, slower it may appear as something solid or something like that. But even thoughts are vibrations. But the key here is that nothing ever stops vibrating, ever. So check it out. Everything that ever vibrated is still vibrating. Everything that ever was still is. That's cool. Yeah, me too. It's really makes me want to pay attention to the vibrations that I'm putting out there. "Cause do they ever go away? (Think about that!) (If the whole world decided to follow u…) OK, Yeah, It's been fun. (…Where would u lead them?) I love u too, Bye Bye