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Bandoliers (Them Crooked Vultures)

Oh it's too late I got hit by the closing door And as I watch myself reflect On the wrong side of My, you've changed You turned the corner I'll never go I admit I feel a bit deceived You're expecting I'd follow Bandoliers To fight me, dear Nobody caused the rift We've just grown apart now So Prepare, and take aim Then fire (2x) (If that's the way it has to be) I'm fooling myself Fooling myself into believing you All these fiction fairy tales You're telling yourself Selfish, like a child that's never heard of no I watched him ever changing you Never find us Bandoliers To fight you, dear Nobody caused the rift Can't become what I'm not You've always had my heart So if it must be broken Prepare, and take aim Then fire (4x) Fire away... If you must, but I only came Just to let you know: this is goodbye Oh, Goodbye... Prepare, and take aim Then fire (2x) 'Cause no one can make me die No one can make me cry