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Stories From Dogland (Yang Pati)

Did you know The east was a dessert I had a feeling I met you before Is it because I move without being present Toward the sun I don't know where did it go Don't Lie God like People Fake. They're Cheaters Preachers All The Same We had it all Stories From The Dogland Pigs flying All printed in gold While you were dancing Sipping Polo-Cocta I dug a whole under the fence And then crawled White Lies Imply God - Like Fame Preachers Hookers Give and Take Love/Come Money/Try It Time/End Dirt/Shake Fame/Home Terror/Secret Glamour/Shooting Faith/Waste You've got a point We're coming empty handed Single Minded And hard as fist We come and go Fighting to Surrender The kings of Liars That you cannot resist