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Defiled Within (Forever in Terror)

Open your fucking eyes, as they shine bound and frail. With this hate intact, I’ll act and fuck you in betrayal. Letting go of all these words as they seep into your chest, Liars will lay the lessons, and beggars will bring the rest. They've come to spread their plague within. Disease throughout the land, And lent their putrid warning signal while shearing off the saving hand. From my mind scarred, scorned, by futile hands of hate. What a misfortune in humanity (overflowing with) contortion and now it's just too fucking late. Now you lay in waste, Reborn a life disaster Put down your pride and power, so we can close this chapter There is no turning back the damage has been done, so sit await your day of truth. There's no turning back the damage has been done so sit, await your day (TRUTH) We've pulled the countdown switch to end this life. You’ve tied yourself to this Neuse. With this hate intact, I'll fuck you in betrayal LIARS!