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Speak (The Waiting)

From the whisper of the lover to the lion's roar The command of the commander upon the field of war The instruction of the father, the laughter of the friend I've heard every utterance and I can't comprehend Just why I can't decide, I can't make the choice Is it Your word that I'm in love with Or the sound of Your voice? Oh speak, speak to me Oh speak, speak to me I'm as quiet as I can be So speak, speak to me From the Spirit on the water to the splitting of the sea The beauty of Your form upon a raging Galilee The cloud that filled the temple, the fire on desert sand I've seen every step and still don't understand Why I can't render a decision, I can't seem to choose Is it Your journey I'm in love with Or just the way You move? I love the way You speak In what You say and what You do Give me ears so I can hear You I need to hear You From the burning of the bush that refused to be consumed To the Spirit on a shepherd boy that ran through every tune The terror of the King who carries vengeance in His hand The love of the Messiah dying quiet as a lamb