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Appreciation (Ann-Margret)

Mother brought me up as a good little girl and mother was always right She said respect your elders as you should little girl It pays to be polite remember it pays to be polite Once I met an nice old man upon the village green I helped him cross the streetinto his limousine Next day he sent the biggest broche I ever seen To show his appreciation Now isn't that sweet Well strange how my fortune seems to grow and grow Yeah mother dear mother was right Daughter there's no telling just how far you can go justby being polite Right Look upon there on the left a man on the very edge A big tycoon in wall-street, he said he wasn't hot I told him if he didn't jump he could take me to dinner at eight o'clock Well, he didn't jump, the markets went up and he gave me half a stock To show his appreciation All for little old me? What is AT&T? (Music) Well that's my story, the end of my song Just be polite and you will never go wrong Help you fellow man and you will always get along When it comes to appreciation.