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Can't Help It (Royal Flush)

All my life, they said I'm trife, street rebel wit Nikes And catch an appetite off other niggas grabbin a mic I write, deeper shit that Malcolm X could recite Wit this rap device, rhymes so strong, you get sliced Three dimension nice, stay on point like Wes Snipe (What's up tonight?) Of them days look right Let's creep, New York City hold me down wit the heat Mandatory ease, reppin from Flushing to 12 Street Delete, all these knuckleheads lookin for beef I'm vexed, half ya niggas don't deserve our respect We take, regulate, Royal Flush out state Penetrate, thru other areas, hustle and wait No mistakes, just a large nigga livin wit fate Celebrate, and have the whole world buyin my tape I'm just a kid on the block, hustlin till I'm not Poppin Crystal in yachts, layin low on the docks Wit big Willie niggas, gettin riches, my life switches My moms always said it be different in time, listen My prop addiction, is far from fiction My street commission, that keep me healthy Little chubby, but my pockets wealthy My brother help me, jail time will reveal me I sware thunn, there's nothin you can tell me Can't Help It, if I wanted to Gotta hustle, just to make it through Can't Help It, if I wanted to If you ever been down (2x) It gets deeper, talk about it while I'm high off reefer The black Ebenezer, phantom dark when I meet you And tap ya five fingers, coast to coat, I pack arenas Ain't nuthin between us, except I'm close, and you fall like Venus The male genius, hittin shorties, lookin European And overdosin ghetto potion so the Gods are toastin My links is flooded like the ocean and keepin motion The verbal chosen wisdom, hold me down when I'm frozen You stay dozin, the best is now rosin, my man Comprehend a lot, but don't understand So update ya plans, I'll be broke just like your mans Hit like iron hands, the data don, computer plans The Wastlanz, expands, in grands and cross lands Analyze the scans from Queens, ya niggas only dream, so pathetic When it comes to guns, ya need to jet, forget it All ya petty niggas always scared to set it Royal Flush meant it, and let the government present it This worldwide message I release while I'm sendin Can't Help It, if I wanted to Gotta hustle, just to make it through Can't Help It, if I wanted to If you ever been down (4x)