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Conflict (Royal Flush)

I want it all no question Queens terrorism, at his best when I wear my vest and Desert Eagle, inferred for protection Interceptin, your collection, when I'm makin' section Nigga listen, I brake ya ass into submission Professionalist, specializin' in this Hennessey wit a twist, another nigga miss Gone in the abyss, fuckin wit the fish Scratch him off the list Automatic trey pound seven in my fist, get ya wig split Green Eyes rise, Flushing, Queens, 'Lanz Enterprise Wise got shine, forever brightly Gats forever held tightly, this fight be (don't take us lightly) Now stoned be the way Quaz' walk, reppin' New York For outlinin' criminal bodies wit white chalk Wildin' these streets, I'm playin' for keeps, avoidin the beast To keep play the cemetery body, capisce The hashish, made me unleash, six through his dome piece And that's just to say the least But quote for quote, more dough choke throats like inhale smoke Forever ready like nine volt, batteries Lost casualties, ricochet through ya anatomy Another tragedy, wit my family cause catastrophe From Queens them Kings call me ya majesty Drama has to be, my hostile days, from outta, puff lies These high roller somethin', before my shots'll start pumpin' 6-3 Thug, blow a nigga like drought Some say my lifestyle, need to be change Scramble and foul, two hundred ten pound Take nickel plate, who hold the weight now Leave you hear, bouncin the whip, I'm sippin' Cristal All thunked out, bent in the streets wit my pistol My rhyme noters, rippin' ya meat, for beef I hold it down Fuckin' wit the wrong cat, to many gats black Phenom never suffer set back, I blast off just like a jet pack To crack the barrel, Pacino through over dowel Just get a title, find ya life blazin' in the saddle Knowin half the battle was just a Queens soldier story And fuckin wit niggas unless you asset to all for me Spotted the code, with five seconds to explode Escape wit the scroll, my family gun ho Five hundred mellows, crackin serafino Ropin casinos, but seenin a man, wit gun totin, chico That organize extortion like the Godfather sequel To open eyes to all evils that peoples Mainly maintain to do, shittin' where I'm through Fuck's not given when I'm rippin through Who is you? I can see fast and blast past ya faggot attitude Off top, the Remi had me bent dizzy and shit Drunk like a Mexican, clap wit ya Fam wit Smith and Wesson's Rip, heavy wit shine, diamond flexin' Spot lock for possession, welcome to the real world Taught 'em why I hate this (We don't a fuck who it is) Stop the bullshit, I guarantee you get hit, by Psycho Kiz 1996 to the year I quit, nothin happenin' Fuck the yappin', and start clappin' All these savages movin' backwards, splittin' they wigs Smashin 'em, shootin 'em, red rum for everyone Fuck a key, Queens niggas move in tons The real number ones, for the chest, ice fish still on the run My desert needs a high rise, fuckin' wit these wise guys Can you recognize, Desert Storm, 'Lanz Enterprise Smile like Einstein, jury drip, guns combine You don't want mine, gotta fight this all in one time Plus ya override, bustin straight, you bustin' the sky I know you scared while I'm lookin' at the devil inside Rollin dice like my weapon, hold the four and a five And a cold and hard where I was born from the start Here to play a part, smokin' weed and sellin' the dark And watchin out for NARCS, Flush and entourage in charge And surround the espionage, we all livin' large