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Family Problems (Royal Flush)

She was sweetest young thing in this life Had two kids and worked nights, never had shit, but we ate right And slept tight, my daddy's livin the bad life Used to come home nights and beat on his wife I was too young to really understand about life Used to cry a lot, hopin that my father get shot Plus he sniff a lot (What that nigga beef about every fuckin day?) My brother said something got to make him stop 'cause mommy go to hard for every little thing we got It was a stress and pain, had a young child, goin insane Until one day, he slapped my brother right in the face And my mother started running all over the place I went downstairs and grab the nine from the safe Went back upstairs and put the shit right in his face What up now daddy, I shot him in the face and smiled loud Now her body froze, lookin at my father die slow She can't believe it though, started screamin baby don't go He said two words, and breath went dead and blood fled My face turned red, couldn't understand what I did Brother scared as shit, losin my mind, my moms flip Tears from my eye drip, I grabbed her tightly and kissed I said we miss him, but no longer do we go through this shit So when the cops come, I'm the one that let off the gun Only thing I'm askin, when I get a visit, you come Tell my brother 'bout the story, right now, he too young 'cause he can't figure out the things that we've been through The lifestyles that's goin on now, life is so wild