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Movin' On Your Weak Productions (Royal Flush)

Let's get the definition of a foul man, Flush the Royal here Bustin niggas down, f**k the spoiled plan Hittin up the snag team vans, army suit, guns and rams Man, f**k it, if you live this life you got to love it Whose the one you trusted, organize wit niggas stayin dusted On the loaf key, if a nigga owe, we got to see me Weekly, f**k a freebie, Land Rover, Jeeps and TV's The land see what I see, extortion plus velocity Murder niggas constantly, no doubt, end of discussion Started to bustin, if you want beef, bring it to Flushing I sit and analyze the Earth as it twist on it's axis Two four the cream without the taxes The hand cock relaxes, I'm baggin grands up in plastics My moves must be made everlastin, my past change to present Prophecies, no market the beats Push me, to be a revolutionary industry I clone heat, holdin down 50 g tones a week Nuff in the smash plans, a wise man don't speak Cuz jealously, envy, for figga trigga niggas Bust, evil bitches hold a key to a man's lust I rush, try to touch what I don't got If I'm incarcerated, Royal Flush'll blow ya block, muthafucka It's like a nuclear reaction, back down guns, niggas is blastin Streets are cashin, late night, black assassin Flush'll make it happen, first stickin, I started rappin Whose the one to blame, when you elevatin the game Stress before pleasure, niggas get bagged, so whatever Slugs in leathers, will have ya life, under pressure Royal handmade, blowin this world just like grenades Sex to techs to uzi's, niggas can't do me Since a young child, livin in corrupt, cuz I'm foul That's my style, nigga did a bullet on the Isle Meanwhile, my little brother's on the street, holdin heat Bustin at whatever creeps all night, cuz shit's deep New York don't sleep, diamond Rolex, cars and drinks Niggas wit minks, five g stones, and Cuban links Eyes chink, fuckin wit these niggas made a nigga think Now I gotta get cheddar, let a nigga shine forever